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A Healthy Ramadan with Tea

Iftar tea with dates

Ramadan is upon us, and this year has been different to previous years as people are fasting while observing lockdown rules in the UAE and around the world, so we wanted to assure you that we’re still delivering throughout this time to cover all your Iftar and Suhoor hydration needs with our full tea range to help you have a healthy Ramadan.

How does fasting affect the body?
During fasting hours when no food or drink is consumed, the body uses its stores of carbohydrate and fat to provide energy once all the calories from the foods consumed during the night have been used up. The body cannot store water and so the kidneys conserve as much water as possible. However, the body cannot avoid losing some water when you go to the toilet, through your skin, when you breathe and when you sweat if it is warm.

Depending on the weather and the length of the fast, most people who fast during Ramadan will experience mild dehydration, which may cause headaches, tiredness and difficulty concentrating. However, studies have suggested that this is not harmful to health, provided that enough fluids are consumed after breaking the fast to replace those lost during the day.

Drinking plenty of fluids, as well as consuming fluid-rich foods, is very important to replace fluids lost during the day and to start the next day of fasting well hydrated. The pre-dawn meal, Suhoor, provides fluids and energy for the day of fasting ahead, so making healthy choices can help you to cope better with the fast.*
*Source - British Nutrition Foundation

Fruit, Herbal and green teas are the perfect choice to support your hydration needs; they are a healthy, tasty way to rehydrate and avoid dehydration for the day ahead.

This Ramadan, we have carefully curated the following teas to help support your hydration needs:

Iftar Tea Selection

Melon Mint
This refreshing, fruity, tea is a taste sensation and the perfect Iftar fast-breaker.
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Organic Yoga
This BRW will treat your body right with its warm tones and light spiciness. Add milk and boil for 20 minutes for a delicious chai!
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Organic Settler
With its wonderful fragrant herbs and unexpected bite of ginger, this is the perfect BRW to settle your stomach after a big meal.
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Suhoor Tea Selection

Organic Reboot
Over indulged? No problem! This BRW is packed full of organic goodness to help detox and cleanse your body, and will set your day off to the right start!
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Moringa Supercharge
This BRW contains mighty Moringa and is a great healthy way to start your day. With it's zesty, tangy yet delicate flavours, this fresh BRW will keep you active throughout the day.
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Organic Superfood
Our ‘Organic Superfood’ BRW contains Sencha Green Tea and Green Tea Matcha - a mild stimulant. This BRW will have you re-energised and ready for the day ahead!
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If you have any questions about any of our teas or you would like a recommendation, please get in touch.


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