About BRW Society

BRW Society Story...Our story began in July 2019 when BRW Society LLC was founded by Laura Manning.  The Business was later launched in the UAE during October 2019 and since then BRW Society has been privileged to inspire many people through tea.

The Name BRW Society is pronounced 'Brew' Society. 

Our Mission...BRW Society has one simple goal – to inspire people through tea. We have big ambitions to spread inspiration and happiness. We think tea is great and we want to get more people BRW'ing it!

Our Product...Healthy, lifestyle, loose leaf tea - tea that tastes as good as it makes you feel!

  • Highest quality natural ingredients
  • Ethically sourced & environmentally friendly
  • Promoting a clean, healthy lifestyle
  • Inclusive - everyone can enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle with tea!

Meet BRW Society's Founder and Tea Lover!

Laura Manning 

Founder & Managing Director

  • UAE resident since 2018
  • Mum to three little angels
  • Business Studies graduate
  • General workaholic, fitness enthusiast and teaholic!
Let's explore the world of tea together.  

    BRW Society Founder Laura Manning